Bill Payment

With population of 1.25bl India’s internet penetration is only about 19%, hence there is a huge number of people in India who do not have access to internet, which prevents them from doing any kind of shopping or commerce on internet

Due to lack of security in past we have seen instances of frauds on credit card and debit card, As a result there is a section of population who does not prefer to use their debit or credit card for purchases on line

These users can be from Urban, Semi-Urban, or Rural areas who are looking for an alternate channel to purchase the goods from online stored which offer good price discounts.

About Online Shopping

  • 2,00,000+ Products
  • Attractive commissions up to 8%
  • Wholesale and retail options available
  • Discount and schemes available
  • Delivery available to most of the rural areas

Assisted Ecommerce solution Benefits to consumer

This solution will enable the customer to use an alternate channel for purchase of products available online

  • Customer can now view these products through the Pay Point portal with the registered retailer
  • Once confirmed they will be able to book the order and make the payment at the retail point
  • Product will be delivered to the final customers at all serviceable locations

Role and Responsibilities of Retailer:

  • To assist Customer to select the product from the portal
  • To book the order on behalf of customer
  • To provide receiving address either as their own or the customer’s
  • To collect the payment from customer
  • To assist customer to cancel and return the products

Before starting this business you must have:

  • PC or Laptop or Tablet or Smart phone with internet connectivity